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E-business Strategy
E-business StrategyE-business strategy is about winning! Strategy is more than a detailed plan of action; it is a unifying theme that gives coherence and direction to the actions and decisions of an organization. Your ecommerce business plans need a strategy to give it direction and purpose, and to deploy your limited resources in the most cost effective manner possible. An effective e-business strategy is necessary so that your e-business, e-commerce, or b2b initiative supports your business plan. In order for your e-business/Internet strategy to be successful it must be: Consistent with your firm's goals, values, resources and capabilities Viewed within the context of your overall business Strategies for e-business success:
  • Build your company image and brand
  • Add value to your customers and enhance customer service
  • Provide customers enhanced communications capabilities
  • Support your sales, marketing and service operations
  • Develop new product and services and expand to new markets

Don't confuse your corporate web site with your e-business strategy!

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