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Success Stories

The following showcase some of our work:


Client: AD-COM Canada

Project: Project Management

Project Description: MSTART.com provided development, technical support and project management and Arabic localization services to AD-COM clients.

Web Site Address: http://www.ad-com.ca/


Client: Yahali.com

Project: Arabic Portal and Content Management System

Project Description: Completed the Yahali.com Arabic language portal based on an Arabic ready CMS system. MSTART also provide hosting and technical support for the portal.

Web Site Address: http://www.yahali.com/portal/


Client: Al Nahda Sports Trade

Project: Content Management Web Application

Project Description: our Web Content Management solutions enabled non-technical users working for Al Nahda Trade to manage the content of a corporate Web site, eliminating the reliance on Webmasters while distributing content creation and maintenance responsibilities. The power of Web content was placed in the hands of the marketing and communication professionals at Al Nahda Sports Trade.

Web Site Address: http://www.alnahdatrade.com/


Client: Omar Alayyan Trading Est.

Project: Web Site Development, Shopping System

Project Description: Omar Alayyan Trading Est. needed a quick catalog and online inventory system to provide inventory information to their clients. MSTART team provided an inventory and product catalog system and provided hosting services.